Code of Practice

In order to provide the very best professional service, all of our associates have agreed to abide by the following Code of Practice.

•All instructors will present themselves and behave in a professional manner at all times, avoiding wherever possible any physical contact except in the course of normal greeting or in an emergency situation to avoid actual harm or damage.

•The tuition car will be clean and presentable (both inside and out) and be taxed, insured, legal and roadworthy at all times.

•All instructors will always endeavour to arrive on time for the lesson and provide 60/120 minute lesson which will include a lesson introduction, training and final re-cap.

•All lessons will be on a one – one basis with no passengers carried at any time (without the express agreement of the pupil).

•Instructors will avoid the use of mobile phones except for emergency use or for the direct benefit of the pupil.

•All instructors will use the full range of their skill and experience to provide teaching to the best of their ability.

•All instructors will keep detailed records, available upon demand, documenting the pupil’s progress and which accounts for any monies paid in advance by the pupil.

•In the event of the instructor running late, he/she will phone ahead to the pupil to advise him/her of the situation.

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